Our Exploratory Research Services

Primary Research


We conduct all kinds of surveys through face to face interviews, telephone interviews and web interviews. Our capabilities involve the use of smart-phones, laptops and IPADs to physically collect data on the field.


We explore the minds of respondents to get detailed information about their thoughts and behaviours using effective interviewing and probing skills.

Focus Groups

Our focus group discussions are structured to ensure free and open discussion among the respondents which results in the generation of new ideas that are useful for decision-making.


We use this technique when seeking to gain an in depth and rich understanding of a phenomenon, situation and/or setting and the behaviour of the respondents in that setting. 

Secondary Research

Literature Review

Our literature review involves assessing scholarly articles, books, journals, and other secondary sources relevant to the particular area of research. We go further to describe, objectively evaluate and clarify findings before extracting the needed content.

Case-Study Research

We use Case study research to analyze specific issues within the boundaries of a specific environment.

Research Training

Explore our in-person research training courses. Ranging from basic to advance.

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