We are a Research and Data Solution Company

Global Reach

Qualiquant is a leading research and big data analytics consulting firm with an integrated direct response to the demand for the provision of reliable insights and data solution services to clients worldwide. 

We go the extra mile to deliver quality data, every-time. We do it by serving our client’s best needs individually. Our field research solutions use qualitative and quantitative methods and collect primary data via face to face or online surveys, in-depth interviews, focus group discussions, etc. Our data solution leverages advanced big data and business intelligence tools to help clients extract actionable insights from diverse datasets generated in real-time and at a large scale. We enable organizations to consolidate large volumes of structured, semi-structured, and unstructured data generated from different sources into a holistic environment and contextualised for modelling and predicting new market opportunities.

We strive to remain innovative, responsive and work in close consultation with our clients at every phase of the research and data processes to ensure exceptional work quality while maintaining our industry-leading quality and client’s satisfaction.

Our Story

Qualiquant was founded by a team of seasoned research professionals who have a combined experience of over 20 years of technical and managerial experiences that ensures top-notch service delivery on all commissioned projects. We currently operate in West and East Africa  and Isle of Man/Europe.

With active field operations in all the regions of operation, we ensure that the research, data collection, big data analytics and all other outputs are implemented with the highest levels of precision.

Our Vision

To be a direct response to research and data quality needs for innovative insights 

Our Mission

Quality data, Every time.

Our Values

We are a tenacious organisation that strives for the highest ethical standards in conducting research and providing big analytics solutions. We improve livelihoods when we deliver excellent results for our clients. 


We never settle for the status quo. Instead, with innovation and foresight, we anticipate challenges that lay ahead.

Team Work

We put great importance on enabling our employees to achieve their best through their work with each other.


Quality Focus

We always raise the bar by setting high-quality standards and striving for continuous improvement and quality assurance.

Data Driven

Unless properly handled, “Big Data” has no value! We work with businesses and organisations to drive decisions that are compelled by data, rather than by intuition or by personal experience.

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