Baseline Survey Report on Economic Empowerment of Women in Agriculture in Ghana and Kenya

Client: CAB International (CABI)

Project Period: 2023

Project Summary

This baseline survey was conducted by Qualiquant Services Limited on behalf of CAB International (CABI), focusing on the economic empowerment of women in agriculture in Ghana and Kenya, using the Project Level Women’s Empowerment in Agriculture Index (Pro-WEAI). CABI, a non-profit organization, addresses global issues such as poverty, hunger, and climate change with a strong emphasis on agricultural and environmental challenges. The report is centred on the PlantwisePlus initiative, which aims to improve the livelihoods of small-scale farmers particularly women, by promoting sustainable agriculture practices.

Qualiquant employed both qualitative and quantitative research methods to address the various aspects of roles played by women in agriculture comprehensively. The primary data source was the pro-WEAI dataset, which covered 844 households, 18 key informants (KIIs), 12 focus group discussions, and 6 Case studies. The analysis encompassed five key domains of agriculture as per the WEAI (Women’s Empowerment in Agriculture Index): production, resources, income, community leadership, and time use. Additionally, it enlightened physical mobility, intra-household relationships, decision-making autonomy, attitudes toward domestic violence, and nutritional aspects. The demographic characteristics of the pro-WEAI participants were also considered, which is essential for understanding the socio-economic and cultural context of the sampled population. Below are the images from the field activities.

Field activity
Field activity