Girls & Mobile 2.0

Client: Girl Effect

Project Period: 2022

Project Summary

Girl Effect (GE) undertook an extensive and ‘first of its kind’ research study – Girls and Mobile – to understand the needs, access and usage of mobile technologies among adolescent girls in 2018. Data existed on the gender digital divide between men and women, focusing on phone ownership and access to mobile internet, but not between adolescent boys and girls. Negative social norms about what a girl can do or achieve are often entrenched during adolescence and stand in the way of her reaching her full potential.

Girls & Mobile 2.0 research help unearth insights around adolescent demand, access, and well-being when it comes to digital technology, as well as building a deeper understanding of the gender digital divide. The study help understand how Girl Effect and others in the Tech and development sectors are approaching programming in digital spaces, and contributing to the body of literature looking into mobile use and the impact on mental well-being for young boys and girls within the ages 14 -17 years and 18 – 21 years and also with mothers and fathers of girls within ages 14- 21 years  in Kenya.