Mastercard Financial Inclusion Impact Framework

Client: Dalberg Design

Project Summary


Country: Nigeria

Field(s) / Sector(s) : Financial

Year : 2022


Mastercard impact assessment framework project aims to measure the impact of Mastercard products on the users in a way that captures individual pathways to financial health, and contribute to the creation of a scalable and adaptive tool . The objective of the study are to : explore the pathway to financial health to better reflect real-life experiences and decision-making of users across a spectrum of financial experiences, articulate impacts associated with user journeys to financial inclusion, identify specific life and product experiences that demonstrate these impacts. Identify how users prioritise different impact in their selection of different financial products / services and at different stages of their financial journey and to develop a refined view on how Mastercard can continue to further refine their existing impact assessment framework.

Qualiquant was contracted to conduct qualitative research to achieve the study objective. The study adopted a qualitative method approach by conducting 45 in-depth interviews (IDIs) in Lagos State across The target respondents were Mastercard product users, such as ( Debit card,Prepaid card, Remittance product, Mobile money payment, mobile money, Digital wallet, Utility Bills).