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First established on the Isle of man in 2020, Qualiquant seeks to close the gap between data-led insight and business decision-making. This can add business value to every part of the value chain and every area of business for economic growth.


Isle of Man, a crown dependent country of the UK is a beautiful island known for its business friendly location with an agile and supportive Government. The Island has a well balanced and diversified economy with a modern infrastructure and business environment. The Island has developed an international reputation at the forefront of the eGaming industry with a thriving e-business, financial and telecommunications sectors amongst others.


We are geared towards helping our clients sift through all the chaotic and repetitive noise in their data, help them understand what is relevant and then make good use of that information to assess likely outcomes. We also want to assist businesses in accelerating the pace of making informed decisions. We are well trained and equipped to service the market segments that require the services we will be offering.

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Isle of Man/UK